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Howdy hooo!
Welcome to my swell site with photos of my amazing trips, international buddies & various specials.

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6 July: Thanxxx Alexis for stopping by :)!
3 March: Welcome to the world Alexis!
2 March 2010: Hola! ┬┐Que onda? As you can see on my trips page I had a swell time in Mexico!
15 December: It's the most wonderful time of the year!
17 June: Back from lovely Canada!
1 January 2009: My swellest wishes to all of U!
8 December: MERRY X-MAS!!!
15 November: Long time no update, but I'm happy to be back and show you a few new pics from beautiful Vienna!
7 July: Hope you're all having a swell summer!
19 March: HAPPY EASTER folks!
4 January 2008: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
1 December: My favorite holidays are approaching!
14 November: Greetings to my new friend Nora who was born 22 August!
11 October: It's time to start thinking about your Halloween costume (see mine for inspiration ;))!
10 September: Back from sunny and yummy Spain! Hope y'all had a wonderful summer?!
8 May: Just back from a swell trip in beautiful South Africa with safari, wine tasting and sightseeing (including a visit to the town of Hankey)!
17 April: Spring is here and the flowers smell lovely!
4 April: Have a SWELL EASTER and thanxxx to all you folks who've signed my guestbook!
18 January: Hope you all had as swell holidays as I did?! Mine were spent relaxing in beautiful Stockholm (see Trips and Specials).
1 January 2007: Best wishes for the New Year!
1 December: My favorite time of the year is almost here - have yourself a MERRY little X-MAS!!!
13 November: Recently went for a daytrip to the quaint little city Delft (see Trips)!
26 October: Time flies and it's already time to wish you all a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
20 June: Back from a quick trip to Istanbul (see Trips)!
11 June: Hope you're all having a swell Summer! I just got back from sunny Marbella (see Trips)!
4 June: Happy Birthday to my friend Tudor!
16 May: It's official: I'm going to the FIFA World Cup!!! Just got my ticket for a Spain match (see Specials). See you there!
24 April: As you can see on my Specials page, I have been very cultural lately, visiting both the newly renovated Atomium in Brussels and the Benoît "Syberia" Sokal exhibition.
7 April: Wishing you all a HAPPY EASTER!
29 March: Sorry for not having written lately, but I went to re-charge my batteries under the sun in Punta Cana (my Trips and Buddies pages have of course been updated). I also wanted to thank all you swell folks so much for having taken the time to sign my guestbook!
22 January: As you can see on my Buddies page, I hung out with Flat Eric this weekend!
2 January 2006: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you enjoyed the holidays (I certainly did!) and that your wishes will come true (I'm hoping for some traveling ;))!
22 October: Back from a well deserved vacation and a wonderfully swell road trip in the US with lots of new pics for you to enjoy or envy ;-)!
18 September: Fall's knocking on the door, but I recently spent a gorgeous day playing with my dear buddy Jonatan (see Buddies!).
05 July: Back in town after a weekend in beautiful Austria and Rafa & Lotti's lovely wedding!
20 June: Happy Birthday to my dear friend Emeli!
05 June: A few buddies have been added!
30 May: Just got back from some wine tasting in Rioja, Spain (see new pic)!
19 May: I made a flash trip to the French Riviera and nice Nice ;-) this week (see Trips)!
13 May: Your favorite poo's site has a guestbook now. What are you waiting for - sign it!
10 May: SWELL! Today I got my very own domain (thanxxx to for hosting my site!).
30 April 2005: Back from Slovakia where I met Martin who showed me the swellest places in Bratislava!


Be sure to come back soon for more joy!

Mr Hankey

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